Victoria Vs. Molly

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WWE Women's Championship Match

Victoria Vs. Molly Holly



As Women's matches go, this one was... erm... kinda crap. BUT not all was lost, as if Molly lost, she had to have her head shaved! So this is how it went:


After a few 'dodgy' looking shots, Molly went for the Widows Peak, but Victoria reversed it into a backslide for the 1 - 2 - 3!!


01 victoria.jpg (82446 bytes)     02 girls.jpg (85600 bytes)     03 girls.jpg (74063 bytes)


04 widows peak.jpg (84475 bytes)     06 widows peak.jpg (85646 bytes)     07 reversal.jpg (81152 bytes)


08 reversal.jpg (78441 bytes)     09 pinfall.jpg (81375 bytes)     winner.jpg (83344 bytes)


Molly was naturally horrified at the thought of having her head shaved, so tried to do a fast one and leg it from the ring. When Victoria caught her, it looked for a minute as though Molly would do the dirty and shave Victoria's head, but fortunately (for Victoria), the razor wasn't plugged in! This then gave Victoria the chance to come 2 and smash Molly into the table and then do the business! Crazy sheeeiiiaaatttt.... I reckon it's an improvement!


loser.jpg (71671 bytes)     10 molly.jpg (91204 bytes)     11 table.jpg (80999 bytes)


12 hair.jpg (82286 bytes)     13 molly.jpg (69688 bytes)     14 hair.jpg (83079 bytes)


15 hair.jpg (82569 bytes)     16 hair.jpg (78586 bytes)




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